TARA International

We are pleased to announce the launch of a two x 30 min security briefing video's. 
Contact us for details and access. 

The trainers association for relief agencies (TARA International) is an association of experienced and committed trainers who co-operate to achieve a shared vision.

Our Vision is to see effective aid delivery by competent and committed personnel responding to humanitarian needs  
Our Mission is to see a reduction in suffering to the victims of a disaster by ensuring humanitarian aid workers have the essential skills to do their job with confidence and security.


 TARA International is a “not for profit” association and has been formed to ensure a basis for NGO training throughout the world.
The membership of TARA International is based on a group of selected and experienced NGO trainers that ensures the capacity and the ability to fulfill 
the training needs for humanitarian aid workers.

The members of TARA believe a minimum of 12 months actual field program experience is the minimum requirement to be a good and effective trainer, this is particularly important when training in security as understanding the operation of a program should be paramount to developing any security plan. 
Because of this all our members are required to have extensive aid agency experience including hostile environments and are experienced and accredited trainers .
 Kabul 1996 The streets of Kabul were very bleak in 1997
Our training methodology is based on 
active learning through participatory 
group exercises, case studies, role play 
and individual subject experts.  
Our programs are planned to meet the 
needs of relief agency and donor support staff.
We also encourage the informal exchange 
of information and experience during 
training sessions.


Some brilliant engineering by Bob Davis (Oxfam) 
Cambodia 1987